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PART TIME Staff - will need to enjoy hands on hard work with the animals. The hours are flexible and can be for as long or as little as you want. If you can just spare a few hours per week.

Walking the dogs will provide good exercise for you both, dogs really do like to accompany people on nice hikes. What better way to enjoy the scenery of Koycegiz than being accompanied by a very grateful canine.

You may want a more hands on task and therefore you are welcome to help clean up the living areas.


We rely on people who give generously of their time or money (sometimes both). There are so many ways you can help the animals. Our list is endless.

Whatever you can give, large or small will be gratefully received and every bit of it will go to help the animals.

We are in the process of setting up a PayPal account to enable direct payments either as a one off or on a regular basis,

In the meantime  you  may contact us to provide bank details, you may then  make a deposit at your leisure.


£10 per month will sponsor one of our animals but this by no means covers its on-going daily care, medication, and food.

We ask for an initial set up payment of three months sponsorship. This can be done as a standing order, please ask the bank to use a reference of either your name or the animals name so we know who the payment is coming from.

We will send you a photo and tell you all about your chosen animal; you will receive regular updates and a Christmas card.

We would like to see some of our older residents sponsored.

Sponsor a Pet or Join as a member

Show your support for the work we do by becoming a Life Member for only £50. Most of our dogs find loving new homes yet those who need a little extra care are always safe with us because we will never destroy a healthy dog.

Our sponsor a dog scheme is to ensure that we have enough funds each month to feed the many dogs that we help. Some of these dogs have been so badly abused that they have trust issues and cannot be put up for adoption yet. In some cases, these dogs will stay with us for the rest of their lives. Other dogs may be with us for several months before they are considered ready for adoption or are lucky enough to be offered forever homes.

It's also a great way to stay in touch - we'll send you regular newsletters and details of our AGM. As a member you will get to know more about the running of the site and the opportunity to have input into the decision making process of the Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group and be one of the first to know what is happening or planned

Dog Sponsorships with Paypal:

If you would like to sponsor a dog you can set up recurring monthly payments of £15, £10 or £5 whichever you decide, through PayPal. Your sponsorship will continue until you decide to cancel.

This is a co-sponsorship scheme whereby some dogs are sponsored by more than one person and some may not have a sponsor at all. £5 no longer covers the monthly feed costs for one dog yet during these difficult economic times, we hope that each dog does have more than one sponsor.

Sponsor one of us please!


Male Dog at full size, he has been a resident for 3 weeks now and has come out of his shell, we found him with a bleeding ear where we think a tag had been ripped out, snowy has a lovely nature and shies away from some of our other residents, he loves lots of love and attention and would make a lovely addition to anyone family.

Sponsor Asla


Looking for a Good Home, she is lovely, sweet, and playful and is at her full size (small), she would make someone an adorable pet. Asla was one of the original 4 found at the pen over 7 weeks ago and was very thin and ill but with vets treatment and lots of feeding she has recovered to the beautiful girl she is, she will soon be neutered so anyone wishing to adopt her please bear that in mind.


Bobby is a sweet older dog, maybe 2 years old, he so desires a one to one relationship as he gets very jealous when we fuss the other dogs, he is a small dog with short legs. He was brought to us by the Köyceğiz Belediyesi as he is a street dog but chases scooters and motorbikes so please bear this in mind , he is very adorable and is always following us around at the shelter, he would make someone an adorable pet that can live outside in the garden in a kennel if required.


Sandy is a great girl and very affectionate and loyal, she is a large dog we think maybe a kangol cross but she is not aggressive unless one of her mates trıes to grab her food (not bloody likely). Sandy was found at the pen over 7 weeks ago as one of the 4 originals and was a bag of bones, she is now well fed and looked after and would make someone who loves large dogs a great pet, please someone adopt her as she really is a lovely girl, she has been neutered already.


Frekles is such a lovely friendly dog and is looking for a permanent loving home, she is at her full size and is adorable, Frekles is a little shy and needs a lot of love and attention she also has a few trust issues; she was one of the originals but has come out her shell. Frekles she was just a bag of bones when we found her in the pen 7 weeks or so ago but now she is well nourished and looks well. She has recently been neutered.


Gem was brought to us by the Köyceğiz Belediyesi a week after we had the shelter, she is at her full size now, so as you can see she is not too big.

Gem is a lovely affectionate and playful dog and would like to have her own one to one time with her new owners, she has been neutered and is looking for that special family to take care of her permanantly.

Please donate to help with upkeep


Xena is one of our remaining surviving pups who a few months back was fighting for her life due to a sickness that affected our other pups, but she pulled through and is fighting fit.

Xena is one of our more playful pups and has been known to put the other pups in there place hence her name, but she has calmed down a bit now and lives with her foster carer who is now adopted her and renamed her to Lady. This is One of our success storie


Rusty is such a lovely friendly dog and is looking for a permanent loving home


Goldie is a small dog



Rosie has now been offered her forever loving Home in the UK but we need the money to cover her vet bills and the expense of getting her to the UK, Please help Rosie to get to the UK..



KAWG Members

Sarah is the tresurer of KAWG but she also has hands on daily involvement caring for our animals

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A gallery of pictures etc of pets and KAWG Stuff

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A gallery of pictures etc of pets and KAWG Stuff

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A gallery of pictures etc of pets and KAWG Stuff

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A gallery of pictures etc of pets and KAWG Stuff

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A gallery of pictures etc of pets and KAWG Stuff.


ABOUT KAWG - Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group
  1. Our Animal Rescue Centre in Köycegiz, is situated in the Muğla region of Turkey, and provides refuge for animals in need. We are constantly working to maintain and improve our facilities. We ask for volunteers to help run the centre, to care for the animals and give help and advice to the public and deal with enquiries. All work is managed by volunteers, which includes the collection of animals, veterinary visits, grooming, running events to raise funds, the list is endless.

    We have started a health and spaying programme with the help of Lutfi, (a registered veterinary surgeon). We collect dogs from the streets, neuter, worm and treat them for parasites, after putting a numbered tag in their ear many are released again into the community.          

    New homes for the animals are sought all the time and once necessary checks have been carried out on the potential adopters we hope that our animals will settle in a home with plenty of TLC.

Sarah - Treasurer

We urgently need funds and ongoing donations to naintain the work required and to expand our services to the animals.


Things that don't fit elsewhere

Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group

Work also needs to be done if in the future we were to expand with a cattery.

We plan to expand our education programme with visits to the local schools to give lessons on Animal Care. As well as encouraging further groups of children and adults to visit the centre and handle some of the animals.

We pledge to continue our on-going projects i.e. neutering, education, re-homing, cat feeding area, poisoning, passport for pets, changes in law etc.
KAWG welcomes new members and volunteer workers who share our ideals. If you are unable to volunteer your services, you can help us by sponsoring one of our animals, giving a donation or leaving a legacy. We rely totally on people who give generously either of their money or their time. If you care for animals, please help.

We have social activities and fundraising events throughout the year. Look out for adverts and posters or contact our office for news of the next fundraising event.

KAWG rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals KOYCEGIZ..

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KAWG.  Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group is in need of donations, money, blankets, medicine, parasite powders; in fact the list is endless, if you think we can use it, contact us.

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